Will:  "Little" Brother, Helper, Care-giver, Cheerleader, Snack Sampler, Katie lover

Natalie:  Eager learner, artistic,  thorough, kitchen gadget-loving member of our baking/packing team. Gluten-free/Vegan specialist.

Katie:  Queen of the Cart. Pioneer of our Cart Sales Team.

Wendy:  Mom, CEO, Visionary, Baker, Chauffer, Manager, Custodian, Do-it-all

Our Team

Emilia: Head Chef, Kitchen Manager, KSC Work Support Specialist, Creative Contributor

Kyle:  Ever faithful, loyal, eager, cheerful, generous, mixer-loving member of our Bake Team.  Small mixer specialist.

Quinn:  Cheerful, smart, strong, calendar keeper, musical entertainer and always-willing member of the baking/packing team.  Banana Bread specialist.

Rachel:  Friendly, willing eager, enthusiastic member of our Cart Sales Team.

Mark:  Daddy, Back-bone, IT Guy, Work Horse, Snack Sampler

Ellise Nicole Photography

Abby:  Katie's Work Support Specialist,  patient and willing go-getter, organized, creative contributor.

Matt & Starla: "Big Boy", Big brother & Sis-in-law, Logo Contributors, cheerleaders, Katie lovers. Followers of  "the Puppet Master"

Riley:  Friendly and personable, quick learning, helpful and strong member of the Cart Sales Team. Great with our customers.

Emma:  Always smiling, helpful, people-loving, sticker sharing, exuberant member of our Cart Sales Team