Although she is an exceptional young lady, Katie's disabilities have prevented her from seeking traditional employment. This led her family to ask the questions, "What can Katie do?" and "What does Katie like?" After much thinking, praying, researching, and consulting, we came up with the concept for Katie's Snack Cart.

Katie loves being "out and about".  She enjoys people, food, shopping, and did we!  She has been helping push the grocery store shopping cart for years and regularly greets people as we shop, "Hi!".

While at McNeil High School, Katie's teacher took our transition goals seriously and created a class business. The students and staff of the Functional Life Skills class push the "Mav Snacks"  cart through the school offering treats to the administrators, staff and teachers. "Mav Snacks" was a prototype for Katie's Snack Cart and provided Katie with much needed training and practice.

Since launching Katie's Snack Cart with a borrowed library cart and a loaf of homemade banana bread we have worked hard to develop a great menu and added several employees with disabilities.  Our goal is to provide exceptional treats to the Austin business community while giving meaningful work to adults with disabilities.

‚ÄčKatie's Story